Episode 1

Episode 1 captures the very first interview between journalist Rodney Borgnine and multi-Nobel winning scientist Dr Jersey Jellgood.  In this opening instalment, Jersey is living in Tokyo, where he is operating his own space tourism business, most notable for putting the first sumo on the moon.

Throughout the interview, Borgnine presses Jellgood on the treatment of his space sumos, questioning the thoroughness of their training and the inadequacy of their under-sized, helmetless space suits, and finally forces the great scientist to concede that some sumo astronauts have indeed “popped” in space.

Borgnine also interrogates the safety of burial and cremation services offered by Jellgood’s space tourism company, after shocking YouTube footage revealed mourners in ripped space suits being chased around the moon’s surface by the floating ashes of their dearly departed.

Rodney Borgnine: “I was hugely nervous prior to our first interview; Jellgood had a fearsome reputation for assaulting his interviewers. For six hours beforehand, I pumped my guts full of large free range eggs just to pluck up enough courage to go through with it – I reasoned that where I might fall short on intellect, I would have the advantage in protein.”

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