Episode 3

In Episode 3, Rodney Borgnine catches up with Dr Jellgood after he has made another startling occupational U-turn, this time working for the British Government as Chief Scientific Advisor to the Defence Department.

In a revealing interview, Jellgood talks about his support for conscription, warns of the very real threat to time and space posed by Stephen Hawking, explains why all nuclear warheads should be kept in the warehouses of Argos, and goes into disgusting detail about the Prime Minister’s misshapen testicles.

Rodney Borgnine: “He was acting strangely during this interview, more so than in our previous encounters.  He was violent one minute and flirtatious the next, telling me he wanted to lick my Adam’s apple to see if it was a Golden Delicious or a Pink Lady.  I didn’t see definitive evidence of drugs other than how he was behaving, but something was going on.  For one, I was hugely surprised by his openness around some very significant matters of national security. I think that was one of the factors that ultimately cost him that job – as a government minister, you can’t tell the world the Prime Minister pushes his genitals around in a little pram and not expect to be in serious trouble.”

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